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TST was established in 1974 as private ship owning company to serve our own small handy bulkers as a family business and it was developed by fellow cousins Dr. Kostas Rokkos and Mr. Dimitris Sismanidis, who put modern practices into ship operations for nearly 20 years. TST International SA joined TST Group in 2003 after a long and successful professional cooperation between the principals of the parties concerned and a joint venture was created.

TST in today’s form established 15 years ago and in all these years has provided shipping services very successfully to customers both Owners and Charterers. TST's nowadays main activity is to provide full management services to TST Group’s owned Bulk Carriers offering operational, technical and crew management, supply of spares and stores, insurance and claims and accounting services at reasonable cost, with dedication, commitment and responsibility. Since 1982, TST International SA has managed more than 50 ships of all sizes and types including bulk carriers, oil tanker and LPG vessels, providing ships with professionally managed technical support from shore-based management.